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Jun. 21st, 2013 11:47 am
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[Hi Barge. Enjoy Shego's bed hair, there's a lot of it.]

'Morning, space jail.

Sooo, I don't know about anybody else but I don't have my powers as of the start of the flood, so. That's fantastic.

[A pause. It was a long time ago, but the last time this happened...]

On a directly related note, if anybody woke up this morning and found their hands glowing, then just...try to keep calm over the next few days, okay?

...and Kirk, if it's you then that's typical and keep the inevitable destruction to the side of your cabin I don't share a wall with.


May. 23rd, 2013 07:04 pm
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[Video; the communicator's propped on a table or shelf to show Shego sprawled back across a (green) couch, fully suited up, elbows hooked over the backrest.]

O-kay. From your perspective I've been gone for like…eight, nine months? Given the turnover the last time I was here, I'm gonna guess that means as many people have no idea who I am as those who do.

Here goes: I'm Shego. I was an Inmate, then I was a Warden, graduated an Inmate, blah blah blah, for reasons too dumb to report I'm back to do it over. [She takes the glove off one hand and wiggles her fingers.] To answer some previous FAQs, I am not: an Orion, radioactive, suffering from leprosy, in any way contagious, or related-to-slash-associated-with the redhead with the plant schtick. I'm just - green. Do not attempt to adjust your set.

So if you got here any time after September of last year, I don't know who you are.  [Beat.]  Actually, if you got here any time before September of last year, even odds I don't know who you are either. Go ahead and fill me in anyway.

...And I guess a rundown on recent catastrophes would be useful just so I know what everybody's whining about this week.

[Friends Filter]

Sound off.

Oh, and Arthas, just to preempt your 'I told you so': you're totally right. I couldn't leave. I tried to go home, but every time I went to sleep at night I just saw your big, scowling, mottled face and I just had to come back and see it again.  Must be love, right?


[That is exactly what she wrote. You can decide if your character qualifies.]

Having some trouble tracking down Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. I'm thinking they've both gone, but - circumstances? Help a girl out here.

[Engine room filter]

Hey. I have no idea who's on this filter anymore and if the place is staffed then I'm gonna stay well out of it, but just so you guys know - I spent like two years working the engine room. I know my way around. Next time we crash into a hostile planet, beep me.
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[Shego's sitting on a couch in her cabin. She looks...kind of blank, but not indecisive.]

Okay, kids.  I hate to do this while there's a flood on and everything, but as far as I can tell we're all in our right minds and we all know there's no such thing as the 'right moment' on the Barge. So.

It's been three years and one week, and...I'm done here. Leaving tonight. Time to move on.

[She hesitates and taps her fingers on her knee like maybe there's more to say, but there isn't, and eventually she just reaches towards the camera to change filters.]

[Friends Filter]

Well, it's been totally hellish, but....thanks. For everything.

Honestly, I'm hoping I don't come back, because if I do it means it's really hit the fan, but leave a line open for me the next time you get one of those crossed signal days. I'll check in whenever the Admiral's crappy wiring lets me. 

[Filtered to Dick and Tim]

I'm not going back to Gotham. I will really miss both of you, but...picking up the vigilante thing again feels too much like going backwards. Same temptations, higher stakes, y'know? much as I hate this ship specifically, it's made it hard to be okay with spending the rest of my life in one place. I don't feel attached to anywhere like you guys do, and I've already wasted enough of my life setting my sights too low.

Say hi to Cissie for me the next time you get a chance, okay?  Tell her I'm sorry.

[Private to Prefect]


Tell me you'll be okay, Prefect.
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[Someone sounds like she overslept.]


Okay. Brain says Friday, clock says Tuesday, I.....guess I was in a coma.

I love how that's just a thing here. 'Oh, hey, I just lost a bunch of my brain functions and lay here unconscious for four days, no big deal'.

What'd I miss?

[OOC: I couldn't think of anything to do with her so lol retroactive Barge coma :|]

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115 - Voice

Jul. 1st, 2012 01:39 am
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[Those who know Shego well will know that she's speaking with the artificially calm tone she uses when her other option is to yell and smash things, well-adjusted individual that she is.]

Kirk's in Zero. I've taken his Item.

He's here for five days and he's agreed to do three weeks' custodial duty.

[Private to Dick]

Check in on him? I -

[Long pause.]

Zero hasn't historically been the safest place ever, is all.

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[OOC: This does not mark the end of the port! There'll be an Admiral announcement in an hour or so.]
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Hi kids.

Someone swiped Prefect's communicator, so if you've got any hot gossip for him then bring it to the Infirmary.  Thanks in advance.

[She's not adding 'keep him out of any Warden filtered stuff too'; she figures you're smart enough to work it out for yourselves. Well. She can hope.]

[Private to Barron]

Hey, Captain Weaponized Amnesia, Say something.

[Five minutes later:]

Sharpe.  Your Warden's asking for you.  Respond.

[Six minutes later:]

Seriously, if Prefect could move he'd be chewing my arm off here. This isn't fun for me.

113 - Voice

Jun. 2nd, 2012 07:14 pm
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[Backdated to a few hours after the end of port. Shego stumbled back on board after four days of almost no sleep and not much food and was not braced for a serious business talk with the Admiral at all. When she talks she sounds exhausted and...not stunned exactly, but very '.....that was something I wasn't expecting to happen today'.]

So, uh.

Regina graduated?

You should probably go tell her well done because I sure as heck didn't contribute all that much.

[OOC: Any responses from anyone except Regina will get a reply 12-14 hours later because she needed to put on some band-aids and get some sleep. :c]
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[Friends Filter]

I'm not gonna ask anybody to check in because I'd guess we've all got bigger things to worry about right now. Just take care of yourselves and don't be that moron who gets killed because they can't or won't ask for help.  [Yeah Shego, you have literally never been guilty of this.]

[Private to Regina]

I don't care if I'm a total stranger to you right now. Say something.
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And that's why I only use the Internet for clothes shopping.

Wish I'd been able to keep the puppets, though.

[She clicks off, then back on.]

....not for what she was doing with them, because.....gross.

Relatedly, if she ticked anybody off then I'm sorry, but not the kind of 'sorry' that admits culpability because her being a creepy nerd had less than nothing to do with me.
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[Bobbi's sitting in an armchair in one of the common room sets with a laptop balanced on her knees. She's holding/wearing two hand puppets of Dick and Tim; she's been getting these from a fan for a while and has puppets of pretty much everyone she interacts with regularly. This sort of thing.]

Good evening, children! Tonight's bedtime story comes courtesy of.... [She glances down to her laptop.] ....AdmiralsAngel69. How very 'late 90s generic screenname' of you. She would like us all to know that 'y'all know dirk is my OTP, open parentheses, dat bitch Shego still needs to die ell oh ell, close parentheses, but this scene was so adorbs I couldn't resist'.

And we're all grateful for that insight. Tonight's choice is called 'A Midnight Encounter' and takes place after the dream arc, which I can guarantee the fandom treated with all the class and dignity it warranted.

[She clears her throat.]

Let's begin.

Under this cut and in the comments: Dick/Tim fanfic, hence, adoptive incest viewed through a terrible fangirl lens. Don't click if this is likely to bother you for any reason. )

[OOC: Replies to come from [personal profile] underemployed]
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[Shego's looking as neat and cheery as ever - but there's a folded Kleenex sticking out of her shirt pocket and even while she's smiling her eyes are red-rimmed and sad.]

Hi, everybody! I thought it'd be a good idea to let everyone know that Regina's in one of those darned comas again. Honestly, I don't know how the Admiral expects her to get out of here if she can't even stay awake five minutes! Anyway, I've taken her to the Infirmary so she'll be looked after 'til it's over, and I'm going to visit her as much as I can, so don't any of her friends worry.

Otherwise, I...guess I'm going to try and be around a little bit more over the next few days. You all know Cissie left, and...she was like a little sister to me. I never had a little sister before, and I couldn't ask for a better one - I'm just so happy for her. She helped Isaac graduate and she's got her life together and she's got a plan and that's great. I know she's gonna do great things.

[Her smile fades a little.]  But I'm still gonna miss her a lot. I'm pretty down right now. But! it never helped anybody to just sit around sulking and let it fester, right? So I'll be around. If anybody needs any extra training in the gym or wants to go hiking in the CES or - you know, anything. I'm here.

[OOC: Obviously, Shego is affected! Long-termers will remember that she used to be unfriendly and asocial - but never sarcastic and embittered - but over time, making friends and coming out of her shell, she learnt the ~power of friendship~ and subsequently graduated. She's now a sweet, sincere person who will nonetheless kick your ass with a smile if you're disturbing the peace.]


Apr. 2nd, 2012 07:26 am
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Private to Kirk  )

[Public, voice]

Anyone who met my brother --

No, you know what? I don't care. I'm done with attempting damage limitation here. You met him, great. Enjoy that insight into why I wound up a supervillain.

Regina, you awake?


Mar. 30th, 2012 11:45 pm
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[Hello, Barge. Have a uninformative shot of Shego's room and a voice from somewhere off-camera. He talks like a lot of the words should be in bold and sounds completely, ridiculously earnest.]

Good morning, people of the Barge! I am --

[He somehow realizes he's pointing the communicator the wrong way and the shot blurs as he spins it around. Hego is inexplicably wearing his blue and black costume plus mask even though he showed up in his PJs. Don't ask. Disney superhero physics. He clears his throat and offers his best heroic smile.]

Good morning! I am Hego of Team Go, guardians and protectors of Go City. I'm here on behalf of Shego, my sister and former fellow hero even though she doesn't like to hear about it all that much.

I'd like to speak with her Warden, if he or she happens to be around? I know my sister can be little bit prickly, and sarcastic, and mean, and likes breaking things and kinda makes it hard for people to like her - but I know she's still got the heart of a hero. And I think it's just swell what you people are doing for her and other people in the same boat. [Pun intended.]

In the meantime, if there's anything a fella can do to keep this place shipshape, don't hesitate to ask. I'm here to serve.

[OOC: Replies will come from [personal profile] hardhitting!]


Mar. 29th, 2012 12:26 am
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I don't actually know if she has any friends, but just in case anybody was noticing the Barge has been looking a little less pink recently? Regina's still in a coma. FYI.

Anyway. Barge Survey time. What do you guys do for hobbies? Not -- not anything to do with sparring/training/whatever, I already know this place is a seething mass of superpowers and weapons and repressed rage. I mean, like - knitting. Flower arranging. Making paper maché models of unicorns, I don't know. Pastimes.  I guess I'm in the market.

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105 - Video

Mar. 8th, 2012 03:27 pm
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[Video! Shego's decidedly male today and wearing an expression that says she's refusing to acknowledge it because seriously, how many times is she going to turn into a dude while she's here.  Answer: more than twice, apparently.]

Regina, if you have male genitalia right now, I sincerely doubt it's anything you haven't seen before so just dig out your least fitted clothes and deal with it until it's over.

...seriously, if you're affected you're not excused from -- anything, but I'll let you use my shower so you don't have an existential crisis when you need to choose which set of Inmate bathrooms to use.

Oh, and if anyone needs to borrow a bra, feel free to ask anybody except me.

[Private to Mozenrath]

Affected?  Actually -- just respond with voice or video so I can work it out myself.  [Yeah she remembers how well you didn't take this last time.]

[Warden Filter]

As a matter of - business? I guess? - if Regina George asks anybody for access to the warden areas, say no. If she says her Warden says it's okay, ignore her.  Her Warden is here right now telling you it is not okay.

[Private to Chromie - backdated pre-flood]

Got space for an Inmate in the library? She doesn't wanna work, but my caring-about-that-at-all-ometer is at critically low levels.  I'll keep an eye on her starting out.

[OOC: I am open for any of the more affected characters to be all 'what's your problem, you've always been a confusingly named man :|a']

104 - Voice

Mar. 1st, 2012 11:46 am
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Thanks, Admiral. Best week ever.

Regina? We should talk.

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[OOC: Gah sorry for the Shego spam lately. THINGS KEEP HAPPENING.]
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[24 hours after death-by-Kirk, Shego sounds....Death Toll-y. Her voice is scratchy and muted like she's recently had her throat cut, because....she has.]

I guess that's one way to get back on board early.

[She laughs hoarsely, but it's a 'if I don't laugh I'll cry or possibly throw up' laugh.]

Feels like I still have my heart. And my skin. I guess you guys lose.

[A pause, like she's making an effort to remember something important.]

Check in, guys.  [Screw you she's not doing a friends filter.]  Has anybody heard from Cissie during all this?

[OOC: Forward-dated to shortly before the end of port.  Open to Infirmary spam since she's not going anywhere for the next day or two at least :c]
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[Posted sometime after the Barge/port communications blackout ends; the first voice is not Shego's but a professional, falsely cheerful tone.]

Good afternoon! This is a recorded message from Geneco's Accounts Receivable department. You are now eighty-eight days delinquent in paying outstanding debts of nineteen thousand, three hundred and sixty dollars for your heart transplant and pigmentation therapy.

We request that you or a representative visits any of one GeneCo's conveniently located clinics or surgical centres in order to deliver your payment. Please be aware that if this matter has not been settled within the next forty-eight hours, you will become subject to organ repossession as stated in Section 38b of your contract.

Thank you for choosing GeneCo! Remember: it's what's on the inside that counts.

[There's a long silence, and then - well, anyone who knows Shego at all will know she doesn't drop the F-bomb unless there's something pretty monumental going on.]

What. The fuck.
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[Forward-dated a few hours, shortly before the official end of the flood but after its effects have started receding.]

Happy belated 'Hope You Didn't Care About Your Ability To Control Your Own Behavior' Day, guys. Although, for our newer arrivals? I would say that actually being turned into a ten-year-old is probably worse than being forced to just act like one, and yeah. That'll probably happen while you're here. I'd also start developing a sense of detachment to your species and sex, because the Admiral doesn't care about them all that much either.  Welcome to the Barge, et cetera.

Seriously, I haven't noticed anybody humiliating themselves for a little while now. Is it over or has everyone just hit the post-heartbreak, licking-your-wounds stage?

[OOC: Omg a PB. Kinda. I've wanted to give a better idea of how Shego 'actually' looks for a while, but I didn't want to switch over to a PB completely and thought it'd be too jarring to mix photos with series icons, so this is what I'm doing by way of a compromise. The person under the layer of Photoshop is Olivia Wilde, so that's who she looks like. Only green. And with a ton of hair.]
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[Shego's pointing the communicator away from her, doing a slow sweeping shot of the new pool room above decks.]

Has anybody else been up here? It's gotten kinda fancy since we came back, I guess the Admiral found some extra omnipotence in his other pants and renovated. Not that this is necessarily a good thing - gives with one hand, punches you in the jaw with the other, we all get how the Barge works.

[She sets it down next to her, the shot briefly blurring past her as she moves the communicator - eagle eyes will note Shego is a) wearing a swimsuit and b) sporting a black eye and several defensive bruises on her forearms.]

Oh, and the greenhouse looked a little bit more...I dunno, architectural?  So if you're into plants I guess it's your lucky day or whatever.

[Private to Mozenrath]

Thanks for the other night. I had fun.

[Private to Kirk]

[There's a long silence and then she just makes a noise and turns off the communicator.]

99 - Video

Jan. 19th, 2012 12:21 am
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[She's in a room that isn't hers and looks distracted.]

Two things. Rourke is 1) not registering as my inmate anymore, and 2) in a coma right now. If someone could swing by Level 8 with a stretcher and help me get him to the infirmary, well, it'd save me dragging him to the elevator.

[Warden filter, a little later] this just a thing that happens?  Item goes half-dead at random, 'hey this guy's not your problem anymore'?

97 - Voice

Dec. 20th, 2011 08:04 pm
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Well, that wasn't totally terrible. Kind of boring and after-school-special-y, but. No zombies, nobody died.

Seven out of ten?

Written Private: Rourke, Isaac, 'Santa' )

96 - Video

Dec. 4th, 2011 10:20 pm
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[Hello, Barge. The view behind Shego is no longer of her mountain lair quarters, but a generously proportioned apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows and the sort of classy, minimalist furnishings of someone who doesn't plan on spending much time at home. She doesn't really look older, but people who know her well will know that she looks more centered and in better shape than she's ever really been on the Barge.]

Hey, kids. Went home, came back, gonna be a Warden now blah blah blah you all know how this works already.

I would offer some insight on the [fingerquotin' time] 'rehabilitation' process but either you're smart enough not to need it, or you're dumb enough to think that me graduating means I've 'betrayed' something or abandoned my principles or whatever, in which case you won't listen to me anyways.

Soooo. What'd I miss? I heard there were...fairies?...aaand I'm guessing from the mistletoe and the foot of snow on deck that it's December now. Anything else?

[Friends Filter]

I've been away for around three months, but I'm gathering I was Barge-absent for a week-ish. Everyone okay, anything happen to anybody, make out with your worst enemies yet?

[Private to Tim]

Hey. Got that five bucks I owe you. And a souvenir from home.

[Private to Bones]

Need to make an appointment, besides which I think we need to talk anyways.

95 - Voice

Nov. 26th, 2011 08:15 pm
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Going off-Barge for a little while.  Later.

[Friends Filter]

I dunno how long I'll actually be gone. I'm gonna aim not to be away any longer than a couple days Barge time, but you know how the Admiral exists to totally ruin your plans? Yeah.

If anybody wants anything from my world or Gotham, now's the time to ask.

[Private to Tim]

I figure it's better to do this before either of us have an Inmate, right?

[Private to Cissie]

If you wanna come get that hug before I go, I'll hold still long enough for you to do it.

93 - Audio

Nov. 16th, 2011 08:35 pm
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'Sunshine and merriment'? No way I'm taking that at face value. When have we ever had a 'civilized vacation' kinda port two months in a row?

Private: Kirk, Dick, Prefect & Miss Parker )

92 - Audio

Nov. 7th, 2011 01:05 am
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Soooo, this always happens. There's some disaster, then there's a block of nothing, then somebody says they're bored and some morons jump down their throat for tempting fate and then the next disaster rolls in totally regardless of who said what.

It's been almost a week, and you know what? I'm gonna be that somebody. I'm bored. So when the next flood rolls around, if you're the kind of person who hates the concept of randomness so much that they'll abandon basic common sense so they can pin it on somebody? Feel free to blame me.

[Private to Kirk]

Oh, and since you have a totally intrusive interest in my health? The bites are healing just fine.

[Private to Tim]

You've been quiet. Make it out okay?

[Private to Cissie]

Let's do something.


Oct. 30th, 2011 06:17 pm
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[Warden Filter]

[Nothing from Shego here, just a carbon copy of the 'power for chaos' letter she got from Flagg. Work out for the rest for yourselves :| Edit: no names are named, and if the fact that superpowered Warden Items will be distributed to Group 4 is mentioned in the letter, it isn't mentioned here.  Really it's just the core 'if you help me spread chaos, I will give you freedom and power' message.]

[Extremely Grouchy Public Audio]

If you can get into the CES? Don't. It only goes one way.

Open CES Spam )

[OOC: I changed my plans.  Ohoho.  What's happening here is that Shego joined Group 4, then immediately used her Warden Item to get into the CES with plans to let out Kirk and Tim everyone trapped in there. So Flagg abruptly slammed the door behind her and then vanished it. Which....kinda serves her right. There will be beasties (yarr), but not yet.  Multithreads etc. much appreciated for spam.

Also, apologies for the slightly douchey nature of her posting the letter, but since Dick is shaking down David for deets anyway it was only a matter of time before that information went public. Also, she's a douche. Seriously though, if sharing this knowledge is going to ruin anybody's plans then let me know.]


Oct. 22nd, 2011 02:25 am
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Awesome as this is, I hope everybody's braced for the Barge to suck even worse when we get back on board.

[Private to Mozenrath]

Hey. Can you get away from your Warden tonight?

[Private to Cissie]

Have a proposition for you. Can you get a few hours free tomorrow? I know your Inmate isn't exactly the kitten-eating type.

89 - Voice

Oct. 16th, 2011 02:33 am
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[Intended to be private to Kirk, but is of course completely public. TYVM BARGE.]

[This is posted in the early hours of the morning - four or five AM. Shego's voice is hoarse and whispery - she sounds completely unlike herself. And she's freaking out a bit. A lot.]

I. You. You need to -

- I don't know, I know there isn't anything, I -

- you need to do something. Help me - kill me - I don't care, I am not doing this again, I can't, I won't -

[There's a screech of static and the line cuts out.]

[OOC: What's going on here? She's suffering two death tolls at once - being decapitated by Buffy, and the horrible uber-Death Toll suffered by those who ventured into the engine room during the Dead In The Water event last year. Which was so bad that she pretty much committed suicide-by-Joker for the sake of a hard reset. It didn't work. I....needed to break out the big guns to get through her foot-thick layer of apathy. :V

Edit: As of a couple of days after this has been posted, it and all replies to it have been retroactively made private.  People who replied to it can still see it, but nobody else.]

88 - Voice

Sep. 29th, 2011 10:52 pm
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Soooo...nobody's getting laid and nobody likes each other all that much.

Gee. It's almost like we're in jail or something.


And before you come to tell me it isn't nobody, let me redirect you to the library so you can go look up what 'hyperbole' means.

Seriously, everyone who went ahead and bared their darkest secrets or whatever and hates that they did it? For what it's worth, I think the general population cares way less than you might think they do. Anybody who's been around longer than two months should really know better than to feel at all attached to their privacy anyway.

[Private to Kirk]

Admiral gave me your file.

...there's literally nothing in here I didn't know already.

86 - Voice

Sep. 7th, 2011 10:47 pm
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[This was going to be Inmate filtered and then she realised she didn't care.]

I'll be in the gym most of today if anybody wants to fight. Spar. Whatever.

[She means fight.  Go unhealthy coping mechanisms!]

[Private to Prefect]


[Private to Mozenrath]



Jul. 24th, 2011 04:33 pm
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[Private to Tim]



What can I do?

[OOC: Sorry for the private post. :x She's kind of flying under the radar right now, but she wouldn't not address the DCU exodus.]


Jul. 20th, 2011 10:31 am
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Filter: Profit, Patrick, Snape, Mozenrath, Tim )

Filter: Profit, Nygma )

[OOC: Open spam in the infirmary is also available to anyone who wants it. ♥ She tried to walk off a dinosaur attack like an idiot and ended up passing out from blood loss once she got back on the Barge, right now she's laid up with scratches to her back and leg.]

83 - Voice

Jul. 15th, 2011 11:24 am
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[Private to Tim]

We need to talk. I - need to talk.

Come to my cabin as soon as you get this.


Jul. 9th, 2011 10:17 pm
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Could I possibly get a reality check over here?

So Cute-Perky-and-Russian has gotten her crazy face on. Big freaking deal. Nobody's actually died, right?  I was wrong, apparently somebody did. I'd say my face was red, but, y'know.

Best case scenario, we all get a few bruises, tomorrow or next week or whenever she realizes what a total drama queen she's being and cools off. Normal service resumes. Worst case scenario, a few other people have to take a week off work for whatever reason. It sucks, then you get over it, then in a month there's some other disaster and nobody cares that this ever happened.

Other worst case scenario, the Barge crash-lands. Yeah, like we've never seen that before. Last time that happened it set back our schedule by, what, a week? Less? Like we're even in a hurry to get anywhere.

Also, you guys do know that the Admiral caps off powers that could accidentally wreck the Barge, right? Including Wardens? [She's mostly thinking about Bruce Banner here.] We're never gonna end up....I dunno, floating through interdimensional space, clinging to whatever scorched furniture we can keep hold of. We have way better insurance against Acts Of Blonde than Moscow.

Nothing unique or special is happening here. Just try to avoid sharp edges for the next few days and it'll blow over. Eesh.


Jun. 19th, 2011 10:56 pm
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[Private to Arthas]

How'd the meeting go, Commander?

80 - Video

Jun. 12th, 2011 12:37 am
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[She sets her communicator down and returns to what she's doing, i.e. painting her nails with black polish.]

Well, that easily made my top five 'dumbest floods ever' and I've been here nearly two years.

If you're new, woo hoo. Either you're dead and you're stuck here, or you're alive and you've just made a really stupid decision. Welcome to the Barge.

[Private to Kirk]

In the spirit of your stupid honesty rule, I punched Mozenrath and in the circumstances, I'm not sorry - I was affected, anyway, so it wasn't really me. On a directly relevant note, do you have any particularly strong future space liquor?

[Private to Mozenrath]

I hope I didn't actually fracture anything, but I'm not apologizing. Let's just draw a curtain over the last couple days and get on with our lives.

[Private to Tim]

If anybody besides Kirk asks, I wasn't affected.


May. 8th, 2011 05:16 pm
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[Friends Filter ]

[You know who you are! Affected people will be able to see this too, besides Kirk and Drake Snrs who she's had the sense to strike off.]

If you know who I am without having to read your kid's journal like a creep, please sound off before I go crazy.


And if you are here for Near-Uniformly Terrible Parenting 101, I advise that you not talk to me.

77 - Voice

Apr. 17th, 2011 01:26 am
gotgreenmagic: (surrounded by idiots)
[There's a long silence, then:]

Due to my not having a Warden right now, somebody needs to do me a favor.

[OOC: This somebody will end up being Cissie, but feel free to otherwise comment. X3]

76 - Voice

Apr. 9th, 2011 12:01 am
gotgreenmagic: (pained / frustrated)
I must be wasted.

Dr. D? You out there? If you can hear this, don't adjust your set, it's me. [Long pause.]  Wego?

[And then there's an ear-assaulting hiss.]

---ignorina? Ah, the Pavi remembers! You are the dottore's green friend -


What the - Faceless, uncross your wires and get off my communicator!  Ugh.  I feel dirty by association.

[Static and a thoughtful pause.]

Bella, even at this very great distance there is much that I could do to make you--

[There is a noise which suggests she's turned off her communicator by slamming it hard against the nearest solid object.]

[OOC: lolol apologies for....everything, but I knew a couple of people wanted a piece of Pavi so I thought it'd be better to have a post to hang those comments off of. Also, Shego hates you fourth-walling douchebags, so please BOTHER HER.  All my other characters are kind of.....hiding from this event.]

75 - Text

Apr. 8th, 2011 12:17 am
gotgreenmagic: (I am critical of this idea)

Kirk's disappeared. As of maybe twenty minutes ago. His room's empty.

[And if you think that she spent the twenty minutes between then and now swearing and kicking things you are basically correct.]


Mar. 18th, 2011 06:41 pm
gotgreenmagic: (stop looking at my legs)
[Private to Bruce Wayne]

Hey. Tim says you want to meet me, and I've decided I'd rather we name a time and place than have this hanging over my head for the next however long.

....unless you've got the slowly spreading 'crazy Warden' disease, in which case it can wait until you've had your shots.


Mar. 12th, 2011 09:00 pm
gotgreenmagic: (*facepalm*)
[Video! Shego's sitting at her desk with her finger hovering over the 'off' switch on her communicator, although she knows it probably won't work if this test is unsuccessful.]


[She sits back.]

Well. Either I'm not affected or I don't have anything to spill my guts about.  Outstanding.  I don't remember this many [fingerquotes!] 'secrets' floating around since I had a day job teaching a bunch of gossipy high school brats.


Seriously, Admiral? Whatever.

[Private to Kirk]

If somebody's crazy enough to want to get married on the Barge then you are clearly not going to dissuade them with anything much short of hypnotism, so even trying just makes you look kind of embittered and creepy.


[Private to Tim]

So, uh.

Bruce Wayne, huh.

[Private to Prefect]

How's it going?